Visiting Hungary

Sooooo. You are planning to visit Hungary. Great! As a frequent traveller, I know how cumbersome it can get to gather all the crucial (and maybe less crucial) information on a foreign country, so I've decided to create a website to help You. Listing useful information on getting around, payments, currencies and lot more.

Please note, that you must use the information and knowledge from this site at your own risk, I am not responsible for any issues it might cause. Basically, I am just giving information based on my personal experience and knowledge, use it or leave it.

Also, I am a private person, doing this in my free time. I am trying to keep this as much updated as possible (the last update on this site was on 7th of July 2017). Feel free to donate, if you think this know-how saved you some time or money. Ok. Enough from this, let's start.